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RE: The Millennial's First Ever E-mail Address

Sarah SaidComment
RE: The Millennial's First Ever E-mail Address

After reading Pandora Sykes's hilarious and embarrassingly true blog post on The Millennial's First Ever E-mail Address, I decided to make it my personal goal to ask as many women as possible to reveal their first online identities as well as give me some background information as to what compelled them to choose it. 

As for me, somehow, mine ended up being weirdly morbid. Everything I wanted was already taken (no doubt something related to the colour pink), so I looked over to my friend, who was sitting right beside me, and decided to try and copy hers but to just change one word. At the time, this struck me as a revelation of pure genius. “Please work. Please work.” I thought to myself. It did. Her account was, mine of course ended up being This resulted in years of me having to explain myself every time someone added me on MSN. “I’m not actually sad, I swear!” Definitely had an effect on my flirting game *sends wink*.

"My neighbour, who was older than me and already full blown in her awkward overly-sexified-pre-teen stage made me an e-mail. I was probably 11.”

“Because I'm Amelia and I'm an angel. I think that was seriously my thought process.”

“Because back in grade 3, I collected things with cupcake prints on them... the ultimate aesthetic.”

“I wanted 101 but Zoey already took it. Everything I ever wanted to be is in this email address and tbh I wore it well.”
“I honestly don't know why I chose this. I guess I just thought it was cute/fun and maybe I was into monkeys? I don’t know.”

“Still use it regularly. Hit me up.”

“First msn/hotmail name from fourth to sixth grade. Was definitely overcompensating because I never felt Lebanese enough and thought this would somehow change that. Also, cutie because it was 2007 and 16 cause I thought that was like THE COOLEST OF ALL AGES. Cringe cringe cringe.”

“I was in grade 3 and my mom thought that was safe and appropriate.”

“I was about 11-12 years old and wanted to come up with a creative e-mail address but couldn't think of any, so I asked my older sister for ideas. She said "What about Strawberry face since you naturally have flushed rosy cheeks like a strawberry?" So that's where it came from.”

“Because my mom called me cat and I was 8 years old and finally allowed to get an email. It was lit.”

“This was in grade 6 or 7 when I was clearly obsessed with Akon.”

“Grade 7. Because I did not know what kinky meant and I liked cows.”

“My crushes hockey # was 3, apparently I was a spaz too.”

“My nickname was bunny growing up. I guess I thought I was pretty sassy and I threw in the 666 for good measure.”

“Because I loved the video game & just nintendogs was taken so adding _123 seemed like the only viable option.”

“Obviously because my name, favourite animal, and favourite number are the most crucial information to include in an email address.”

“I literally have no explanation as to why.”

“I thought I was cute and I really suck at coming up with names. The 05 part was cause I liked 50 Cent but was typing too fast and wrote 05 instead.”

“Omg I have so many. I couldn't think of anything and those were my favourite candy flavours. A few other highlights are because I was a weird emo shit and, which was inspired by emo rangers and sailor moon.”

“Still in use, sadly. It rhymes? I asked my friend in grade 4, what I should pick, and we decided on this during recess.”

“Because after my older sister made hers, my parents were a little vigilant.”

Basically, "jatti" in Punjabi means girl. So my name meant "evil girl". Why? I don't know... I really thought I was cool in grade 6. I was the top dog. You feel me?”

“My best friend made mine. I was so clueless as to how to make an email address and the worst part was that my password was devon1234, which was my crushes name so i was stuck with that lame email address for awhile.”

“Neko means cat in Japanese.  And 7 has always been my lucky number. I was a serious otaku (anime fan) when I was young. I later went onto "mori no tora" means tiger of the forest.”

"I guess because I was really into soccer and I thought I was hot in grade 4."

“Cause I’m so coooOOooOoooOL.”

"Cause I was a self-absorbed 12 yr old (jk, my pony was named Roxy and I love her!!)"

"Because I liked to read. A lot. This would have been in grade 5."

"Thought I was good as tennis but also was a babe. And was told it was cool to put "lil" in the name."

"I honestly have no idea why I made this, I just thought it was hilarious. I was a weird kid."

"Yo girl looooved Twilight."

"Yes that is three underscores."

"Because I didn't know the difference between paws and pause."

"Because I was obsessed with the OC & people always used to tell me I looked like her. Now Mischa Barton is on the next season of Dancing With the Stars.. Oh how times have changed."