Sarah Said


Sarah Said

Foods I can't live without: bread, eggs, any form of potato, salmon as of recently and chocolate (duh).

So, naturally, my logical thought process was "Hmm... Maybe I should go Vegan for two weeks."

Confused? Same. But here's my verdict.


What compelled me to take on such a challenge and within a super specific time frame? Well, I had been watching a queue of fitness before & after YouTube videos for about 5 consecutive hours, as one does, and came across a super compelling-looking Veganism video (they always coax me with the preview pic) with thousands of views, so obviously I just had to watch it. Though, at that point, I hadn't realized I was setting foot into the dark side of YouTube: The Vegan World. Jks, but seriously there is a huge online Vegan community out there that I wasn't mentally, physically or emotionally primed for.

So, fast-forward another 5 hours, I had uninterruptedly watched more "My Vegan Journey" and "RawTill4" videos than I care to admit and was never the same. I then thought to myself "Dang (yes, I say dang) the hype is real (yes, I say the hype is real). I gotta try this thing out for myself." Why two weeks? Cause three weeks is too long and one week is basically nothing so it seemed like a suitable mid-option.

I was so pumped. So ready. NO ONE COULD HOLD ME BACK. I even tweeted it - so it was officially official. There was no backtracking now.


It wasn't as gruelling as I envisioned (I had this re-occuring mental image of me at the end of my two-week challenge, stranded in the ocean on a raft like Jack in Titanic trying desperately to hold onto a box of Glosettes. "Never let go" - me whispering to them) and the food was surprisingly tasty. Although, the last few days were contrived of me uncontrollably salivating every time I passed the chocolate bowl in my living room (if you are Middle Eastern you will understand the chocolate bowl thing).

Overall, I'd say it was a positive experience that gave me a new outlook on food and diets. I've decided it's impossible for me to completely commit to a life-long Vegan diet (due to fatal Rocky Road withdrawals) but I'd love to try to stick to it as much as possible. Would 100% recommend. 


- Feeling exceedingly less bloated.

- Getting to eat more carbs without feeling ragrets!!! 

- Not having to think in depth about what my next meal should be.

- Overall feeling better physically a.k.a. getting better sleep, not feeling as many digestive aches and having more energy.

- My metabolism definitely hurtled for a bit.

- Contributing to the well-being of animals.

- Saying "Sorry I can't eat that, I'm vegan" for two weeks.


- There are not many vegan-friendly options when you go out to eat with friends.

- NO CHOCOLATE. (Unless it's super dark, which I still like, but let's be honest, carries a much lower rank to nutella.)

- You tend to eat the same foods repetitively. Let's just say I learnt about 3 new types of beans during those two weeks.

- Everything yummy ever created in the universe has dairy in it. You can quote me on this.