All About Staying Positive

All About Staying Positive

Sometimes life feels like a continuous loop of that little rainbow-coloured loading symbol that comes up when your computer starts freezing. 

As a young twenty-first century human, you are expected to simultaneously get an education, make money, do extra-curricular activities, find time for family and friends as well as stay in shape and get a good night sleep. But how? How???

I currently write this to you running on 4 hours of sleep, an avo on toast and my own inhibition. Although 90% of our parents' friends like to remind us that "this is the best time of our lives and that we should enjoy it while it lasts" during awkward encounters at family dinners, I can speak for many millennials out there when I say it's not easy being young. The pressures we face on the regs in terms of education alone is enough to make me sometimes wish I was Drew in 50 First Dates, unable to recall the past pain caused by all-nighters and blindly re-living the same fun sunlit (and breakfast-filled) day consecutively. Minus Adam Sandler persistently chasing after me though. No offence, Adam.

So, how does one not go all "bath salts" crazy dealing with all of this stress? Breathe. We do it unconsciously but forget that we actually have regulatory capabilities to change it's pattern. I notice that taking a deep breath and a brief moment of unadulterated silence during a chaos-filled day is soothing and puts my issues in perspective. One step at a time, one breath at a time.  

Stop overthinking. It's okay if that guy you met at that event last month liked that one girl's selfie from two weeks ago or if you didn't get the grade you anticipated on. We're all human (I think - s/o to all the hamsters reading this). Not all situations in life can be thoroughly planned no matter how many times you highlight, underline and circle it in your planner. 

Also, be appreciative of the shoes you are currently in (not literally, but also literally). Whether it be a thrilling opportunity, your good health, your perfectly blended ombre or that Pogo you ate last night. Again, perspective.

Lastly, watch a disgusting amount of Netflix. This tip is purely for emergency obligatory moments of mental escape, when the going gets real, real tough. Might I recommend Gilmore Girls or The Mindy Project?