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My Week in Paris

Sarah SaidComment
My Week in Paris

As I ceaselessly played N*ggas in Paris by Kanye and Jay-Z (to my best friend's disdain) while roaming the streets, I couldn't help but feel the overwhelming need to share every second of pure bliss that came over me and my croissant-filled stomach during what was one of the most amazing weeks of my life in the city of love. 

But, instead of recounting every detail of all the extroardinary places I visited, I want to share the life-changing revelations I've had and how they've altered the way I've decided to live from now on. Yeap, this is gonna get deep af guys.


This is one of the most important points that, in my opinion, people don't take seriously enough. We tend to get comfortable in mediocre situations and begin accepting consistent negativity, which is why being straight up with yourself, although definitely difficult, is extremely essential. If someone is not making an effort to be in your life then they don't want to be or if you are being treated unfairly at work you need to leave, you make the rules. The outcome of your life is comprised of the cumulative results of each decision you make. So, listen loud and clear ladies: it's not okay to allow yourself to settle for something that you know you do not want or deserve. 


Cheesier than a croque monsieur but definitely key. It's easy to shut down and push emotions away because you feel like everything in the world hates you, but no. Just no. There is so much love that the world needs and it's our job to give it our all. My best friends slash soul-sisters, have taught me countless lessons over the years of many heartbreaks and disappointments, one of the most important being: let go. Time heals all and not allowing yourself to experience a full range of emotions is to decide to not fully live.


No one will ever understand the extent to which I am trying to refrain myself from writing YOLO, but YOLO. Stop worrying about the little things, open your eyes and see what is staring at you in the face. If the sun is out, throw on your round Ray Bans and soak it up. If a banger comes on while you're in line at Wendy's, bust a move. Think about it, are you still agonizing over the same things you were this time last year? Embarrassment, regret and pain are temporary. It's your life and the only person that will be missing out if you don't take chances is you. 


What is life without moments of occasional regret-free indulgence? Ordering another serving of sweet potato fries or buying that lipliner you always wanted is part of being human. And sometimes, humans need to take a break and make some Cinnabuns. So give in girl, you deserve it.